Welcome to VertiCall!

The mobile communications app built for the modern world.

Easy to Use

Unlike many other mobile softphones, VertiCall just works. You shouldn't have to change your network or fill out pages and pages of complicated settings. Simply log in with the username and password provided by your phone system vendor, and away you go!

The app acts like any other extension on your phone system, allowing you to perform common tasks such as transferring calls to another extension or making outbound calls with your work number as the Caller ID.


Unlike many other mobile softphones, VertiCall is secure out of the box. All call data is encrypted between your mobile device and your phone system, so that your calls can't be easily listened to by a third party.


For support, please contact your phone system vendor. They are in the best position to troubleshoot any problems with your account.

For app-specific issues, you may email team@verticall.io.